Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Back!!! With January Favorites.

Hello!! I am done with my exams and practicals and im FREE now! =) I had missed my blog tremendously and thought of getting back in track by sharing what i have been using the whole month!! This is the first time I am doing monthly favorites and hope to post them every month through out the year=) Anyways lets get started! Here's a pic of all the products:

OK, so those are the products together...I tried to keep the list as minimal as possible. Lets have a closer look at these....

First of all are my Most favorite eye products: 

Rimmel Exaggerate eye definer in Noir, Rimmel Extra WOW lash(read review here) and the most raved product Maybelline Eye Studio Gel eye liner.

Next are the two nail paints I had been wearing alot in winter and are absolute gorgeous shades...

Golden Rose Nail lacquer # 65 (review & swatch) and Rimmel Lycra Pro in Chic Cherry (see swatch here)

Next are my face products:
My all time favorite blush by Maybelline

This is an eye shadow duo by Rimmel London and its called Special Eyes Duo Eye Shadow in Shade # 421 called Desert. I just LOVE it. And I have never used it on eyes but I like to use it on my cheeks. The gold shade looks beautiful on the apples of my cheeks as a highlighter where as the brown contours my cheekbones beautifully. I have never liked how contouring made my face look before I tried this. I believe this sheer brown shade makes a perfect contouring shade for my complexion.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed powder. Its my absolute must have face product and I use it daily.
The image has been taken from Google as mine has hit the pan and worse than that the product has been shattered to a thousand pieces so didn't wanted to show up here =P
I wish Rimmel comes out with an improved version of this product containing SPF and a better packaging with reliable lid! o O

Lets have a look at my fave skin care products: 

-Vaseline petroleum jelly...I love it and use it everyday before going to bed and prior applying my lipstick. I have even got a pocket size Vaseline as you can see in the pic. I carry it around in my purse everywhere.

-Then I have Ponds Moisturizing Cold cream which I use at night.

-Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail of my winter must haves(review coming sooon!)

-Nivea Visage Gentle Face Wash(read review here)

-St. Ives Moisturizing Olive Scrub

-Dove Cream Oil Cocoa Butter Shower cream.

-I would also like to share a random product I use for my eye brows and its not included in the picture above. 

It is a palette from a Canadian make up brand with very subtle, matte shades. I use only one shade from it. The brown (with a star) is the shade I use to fill in my brows. Its a very soft brown.

Lastly I would like to share my New favorite perfume with you guys. I bought this in December and have been using it regularly when going out. I just love the refreshing smell which I cannot describe =P (im a failure at describing the smells...they are just so 

Its the Adidas Pure Lightness. I got the body spray from Agha's and the perfume from Imtiaz. Just simply love 'em!

uuhhhh! I think its a very long post! But no worries...posting after about 2 months =P

Hope you like it and I didn't bore you guys.
Planning to post more stuff this month to fill in the gap...
Stay tuned for more reviews and Notds. I have a lot of pending posts!
Till then, 


  1. I love Rimmel's face powder as well. it one of my favorites. I really want to get peach satin, but it's always sold out.

  2. =) thank you for commenting.
    well check out Agha's if you are from Karachi. They usually have it in stock as far as I know.

  3. great haul <3
    new follower