Sunday, 26 February 2012

NOTD! Sweet Touch Hard Cafe

What am I wearing on my nails today?
Its ST nail color in Hard Cafe.

Brand Name and Shade: Sweet Touch: Hard Cafe # 1091

Staying power is decent enough. You can wear it for a good 3-4 days. I love ST polishes as they are really affordable and good quality. They have got nice pigmentation and a wide range of colors with different finishes. I have got ST polish in shade called Cafe. I ran out of it and tried a darker version called Hard Cafe. I think its a must have nude shade which looks pretty on everyone.
I got this one from Chase Up store for Rs.90.

Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

DIY: Banana Conditioner for Dry Hair

Here's a quick DIY recipe for treating dry and damaged hair. The things used are simple and easily reachable!

You will need:
1 ripe banana

1 tbsp cream 

1 tbsp honey

What to do?

Once you have all the ingredients you simply have to:
-Mash bananas
-Add cream and honey and WHISK.
-Apply to dry hair from roots to ends.
-Cover with shower cap and wrap head with warm towel.
-Leave for 1 hour and shampoo!

An easy and natural hair treatment!

REVIEW -- Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail lotion


Today I am sharing a product with you which I have been using all winter religiously and is one of my winter must haves. It is a hand lotion by Vaseline.
I have always neglected products of hand care. During the winter of last year I decided on giving this pink bottle a try.

My first experience was pretty good. I was really happy that it smelled good (because I was thinking that if the product does not work then I could at least use it for the sake of its fragrance =P)

Anyhow, this product is not a bad choice. The consistency is like that of a normal lotion. Neither too thick, neither runny. It quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy film, which is a plus point.

In winters it heals dry skin pretty effectively making hands soft and smooth. Although the product claims about giving stronger nails, I never experienced that. I felt no noticeable change in the growth or condition of my nails =/
I also like using it after removing my nail polish. It instantly gives nails a healthy look. 

Whats your favorite hand care product?

Hope you like reading.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

NOTD! by Golden Rose Nail Polish # 65

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

As today is 14th Feb i.e, Valentine's Day, I thought of sharing a red NOTD today. Its nothing fancy nothing special just a simple plain red nail polish which has been my favorite color for the past month.

Lets have a look:
In sunlight.

Brand: Golden Rose
Shade: # 65. It is a gorgeous shade of scarlet red with pretty specks of shimmer in it. It looks  extremely gorgeous and gives an effect of nail foils. Wish it had a name =(
Price: Around Rs. 130 to 150. I got mine from Chase.
Finish: As I said it gave an effect of having nail wraps on my nails so definitely it gives a beautiful metallic shine.
Staying power: AWESOME!! I wore this for almost 10 to 11 days and it stayed pretty good with only slight color fading from the ends. And if I had some Top coat on then probably I did not had this complain =]
Formula: Its good. Neither thick and neither thin. Pigmentation was superb as well. The brush I felt was slightly shorter ( I compared it to Sweet Touch Nail polish brush)

In love with the color, texture, finish and everything of this nail polish. This is the first nail polish or in fact first cosmetic item that I have tried from Golden Rose. Will be purchasing more of their nail colors. They have got a good variety of gorgeous shades.

Hope you liked it.


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Monday, 6 February 2012

DIY: Yogurt and Orange Whitening Cleanser.

Here's a quick recipe which is 100% natural and safe. Yogurt and Orange Cleanser to brighten up your complexion. You will need:



All you need to do is simply mix yogurt and orange juice, apply on your face and rinse off after 15 minutes.
Repeat daily for at least a month and get a natural glow on your face.

Till next time,

Thursday, 2 February 2012

REVIEW -- Nivea Visage Gentle Face Wash.

Face wash is one of the product I use every single day. I have tried many face washes from different brands and Nivea has suited my skin very well. I love to use this face wash in winters as it fulfills my demands for skin care for the dry season. I, therefore, thought of sharing with you one of my fave products of the season and it has also been included in my January Favorites post.

Let's get into the actual review now.

Brand: Nivea Visage

Product Name: Gentle Face Wash

Skin Type: Dry to sensitive skin(it is also suitable for normal/combo skin)

Active Ingredients: Natural Almond Oil and Calendula Extract

Fragrance: Classic Nivea creme smell, very delicate and mesmerizing

Texture: Creamy Texture. It will feel as if you are using a cleansing milk on your face instead of a face wash. It is 100% soap free.

Contains tiny pink beads which gently melts away in your skin as you massage.

Can you see the little pink beads??

 Nivea's Claim:
" Nivea Visage Gentle Face Wash enriched with natural Almond Oil & Canlendula Extract cleanses your skin effectively yet mildly without drying it out:
-Cleanses in depth and removes impurities.
-Offers skin additional moisturization to keep its suppleness." 
My Experience:
The first time I flipped the cap open I was carried away by its dainty smell. In the beginning I was doubting the creamy texture that whether it will clean effectively or no but as I started massaging my skin I felt so clean and the mild texture refreshed my skin very well. It doesn't lather up at all but is equally effective to those cleansers which lather like crazy but even dry out.
Nivea Visage Gentle Face Wash cleansed my skin without hurting the moisture and as I washed off my face, a silky, smooth and refreshed face was revealing. I was happy that not a single speck of dryness or impurity was left.
Another thing which surprised me was that my face remained fresh and hydrated all day long. With continuous use, my pores are noticeably smooth and minimized. I felt no irritation at all as the name suggests its GENTLE=)

Price & Availability: This is what disappoints me = P I got it for RS. 635 from Agha's whereas at MY Super Store and at Chase Value Center it costed only RS 520!! =(

Overall I would like to recommend this to all who suffer from dry/sensitive skin and needs extra gentle face wash. It is a very mild, everyday face wash which will do wonders for your skin.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Which face wash is your favorite???

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Back!!! With January Favorites.

Hello!! I am done with my exams and practicals and im FREE now! =) I had missed my blog tremendously and thought of getting back in track by sharing what i have been using the whole month!! This is the first time I am doing monthly favorites and hope to post them every month through out the year=) Anyways lets get started! Here's a pic of all the products:

OK, so those are the products together...I tried to keep the list as minimal as possible. Lets have a closer look at these....

First of all are my Most favorite eye products: 

Rimmel Exaggerate eye definer in Noir, Rimmel Extra WOW lash(read review here) and the most raved product Maybelline Eye Studio Gel eye liner.

Next are the two nail paints I had been wearing alot in winter and are absolute gorgeous shades...

Golden Rose Nail lacquer # 65 (review & swatch) and Rimmel Lycra Pro in Chic Cherry (see swatch here)

Next are my face products:
My all time favorite blush by Maybelline

This is an eye shadow duo by Rimmel London and its called Special Eyes Duo Eye Shadow in Shade # 421 called Desert. I just LOVE it. And I have never used it on eyes but I like to use it on my cheeks. The gold shade looks beautiful on the apples of my cheeks as a highlighter where as the brown contours my cheekbones beautifully. I have never liked how contouring made my face look before I tried this. I believe this sheer brown shade makes a perfect contouring shade for my complexion.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed powder. Its my absolute must have face product and I use it daily.
The image has been taken from Google as mine has hit the pan and worse than that the product has been shattered to a thousand pieces so didn't wanted to show up here =P
I wish Rimmel comes out with an improved version of this product containing SPF and a better packaging with reliable lid! o O

Lets have a look at my fave skin care products: 

-Vaseline petroleum jelly...I love it and use it everyday before going to bed and prior applying my lipstick. I have even got a pocket size Vaseline as you can see in the pic. I carry it around in my purse everywhere.

-Then I have Ponds Moisturizing Cold cream which I use at night.

-Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail of my winter must haves(review coming sooon!)

-Nivea Visage Gentle Face Wash(read review here)

-St. Ives Moisturizing Olive Scrub

-Dove Cream Oil Cocoa Butter Shower cream.

-I would also like to share a random product I use for my eye brows and its not included in the picture above. 

It is a palette from a Canadian make up brand with very subtle, matte shades. I use only one shade from it. The brown (with a star) is the shade I use to fill in my brows. Its a very soft brown.

Lastly I would like to share my New favorite perfume with you guys. I bought this in December and have been using it regularly when going out. I just love the refreshing smell which I cannot describe =P (im a failure at describing the smells...they are just so 

Its the Adidas Pure Lightness. I got the body spray from Agha's and the perfume from Imtiaz. Just simply love 'em!

uuhhhh! I think its a very long post! But no worries...posting after about 2 months =P

Hope you like it and I didn't bore you guys.
Planning to post more stuff this month to fill in the gap...
Stay tuned for more reviews and Notds. I have a lot of pending posts!
Till then,