Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hello everybody reading this post! I had been away for almost two weeks now! first I was busy in wedding then today I had my first exam!! =( I am extremely busy with studies and miss my blog like hell. Exams are going to end by 19th January 2012 then hopefully I will be back on track. Many reviews are lying pending and wish I could post my Favs for the year =( 
Well, just wanted to wish everybody a very happy and blessed new year! Hope the year ahead brings out the best opportunities for us to spread love and harmony for each other =)
Stay happy, healthy and humble! xoxo

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

NOTD! Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

Here's a quick post of my NOTD!

This is a very old polish that I own, and probably it was one of my very first SH polish. I think its a really very pretty shade and very girly. I bought it around 3 years back when I was totally out of the bold colors on nails so this one really caught my eyes and I grabbed it at the first sight. Surprisingly I purchased it for only Rs. 45 from a shop in Gulf!!! Unbelievable right??? It was thrown in an old basket which had all local nail paints in sale!! First I was skeptical whether its original or no but then who cares?? LOL. I had to get it no matter what because I really love this pink shade. Luckily it is original because I could judge it from the quality and the lasting power as I own other SH nail paints which are 100% original stuff =]

Brand: Sally Hansen--Hard as Nails line.
Shade: Prima Donna Frost
Price: I got it for Rs 45 which is insane I know!!!
Availability: I believe this line has been discontinued but if you are lucky you may get a glimpse of it online.
Finish: Its like a pastel creme pink with a subtle hint of silver sheen which is GORGEOUS!
Staying Power: Very decent. 5-6 days.
Formula: I like SH formulae. They are never too thick and never too thin. Even after 3 years you could feel the formula is perfectly OK and gives you a non streaky application =)

Overall, I think every girl who is girly would love it like me. Its a pretty shade to rock the spring season. 

Hope you liked it! <3

More NOTDs coming soon.

Monday, 5 December 2011

NOTD! Annabelle Nail Varnish

Here's my NOTD:

Its a nail polish from a Canadian brand called Annabelle. I wouldn't say much about it as I dont even remember its shade number. The sticker is lost =(
Although the formula is great. The brush gave an even application. The color is gorgeous but it didnt look good on me as it made my hands look dark so I removed it the next day so I cant actually say anything about its lasting power. Maybe someone with a light skin tone would love it!

Planning on doing more Notd's this week as I have a lot of parties to attend which means new shade each day =P

Take care.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

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DIY: Homemade Scrub

Hello everybody. Today was a free day so i just thought of experimenting with some skin care remedies which were 100% natural. A few days back I was browsing through some YT videos and came across a homemade scrub. I tried it today and I think it is very effective and decided to share it on my blog. I had no idea that it will give good results otherwise I would have taken some pics but unfortunately had to google the pics of the ingredients. Wish I could show you guys the final look of my homemade scrub but I experimented with a minimal quantity and used it all! =(

Well lets move on to the ingredients. These are simple and I bet these things will be available at your home right now so you could make a scrub at this very moment.So, you'll need:

1. Sugar
2. Olive Oil
3. Lemon juice.
4. Turmeric powder(its optional btw, you can omit it if you want. I am tanned so I thought it would be good if I add it to my scrub)

What I did was I crushed a tablespoon of sugar a little bit just to make the granules finer. Added 1 lemon juice and few drops of olive oil and 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder and mixed it well. Then I massaged it on my skin for 15 mins gently and rinsed it off with plain water. It left a fresh cleansed feeling on my skin. Skin was noticeably softer, moisturized and cleansed.

Benefits of the ingredients:


Its fine granules help exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells and reveals soft glowy skin.


We all know lemon is a natural bleaching agent. It rejuvenates the skin and helps to lighten and whiten the skin.


Olive oil do wonders for dry skin. And moisturizes it effectively.


Turmeric helps you reduce pigmentation and even out your skin tone. If you have acne prone skin, turmeric will be a plus point there as well.

So it was all. I really liked this scrub and will use it again. Hope you are going to try as well.

Take care<3

Saturday, 3 December 2011

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NOTD! Sweet Touch Espresso

Brand: Sweet Touch
Shade: Espresso #1022
Price: Rs 80-100
Availability: Easily available across stores in Pakistan
Staying Power: 4-5 days
Formula: I love ST nail polishes formula. It's easy to apply and the brush is of good quality as well.

I am loving this shade alot these days. It compliments the weather i think. Its a super maroon brown shade with LOADED fine shimmer =)

Hope you liked it.

Tc <3