Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Color Partners- a guide to team lip colors with different outfits.

Lipstick is one of the most essential item of a woman's make up bag. I just thought of sharing with you all how to choose the right lip color to match your outfit.
***( This was actually an article in a foreign magazine, I liked it and thought maybe it could help some people out there who find difficulty in applying lip color that compliments the color of dress they wear)

Color BLUE:

Any shade of pink or true red.

Peach or coral to team with soft blues.

Color PINK

Matching or in a softer or darker shade.

Color RED

Try to match your choice of lip color exactly with your outfit. If you want a paler muted look, apply the lip color, then blot off the excess with a tissue and apply a touch of gloss. Another alternative is one of the russets.


Any of the corals , peaches, pinks or russets look great.


Peachy or russet lip shades with a shimmer or a lip gloss on top.

So, this is it. Just little ideas to play with colors without looking out of the box =)

Hope you enjoyed it.

P.S- All the pictures are taken from Google images.

Take Care <3

NOTD! Rimmel 60 seconds in "Twinkle" =]

Hey! Here's my NOTD for today:
(see the glitter?)

Brand: Rimmel - 60 seconds line.
Shade: Twinkle(#640)
-a pretty baby pink with multi color glitter.
Price: Rs. 350 in Pakistan
Availability: Available at stores where Rimmel products are sold (Chase up, My Super Store, Agha's)
Finish: Has a pastel finish with chunks of glitter.
Staying Power: 5-6 days without chipping
Formula: Perfect for a nail polish. Neither thick nor too thin.

Another great point with this nail polish is that although it contains glitter its extremely easy to remove and leaves no traces of glitter behind =)

Hope you liked it.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Saturday, 19 November 2011

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Lipstick by Clarity Cosmetics # 316.

Hey <3
The lipstick I am reviewing today is one of those colors which I have never tried before. Its a bold color and  I have stuck religiously to Pinks and Corals ever since I started wearing make up. Reds and Browns never suited me until I tried this:

AND finally this is how it looks on me!! =]

This is actually a lipstick given to my mum but she doesn't wear such bright colors so I thought of trying that out. And I really liked how it looked on me.

About the product:
Brand: Clarity Cosmetics
Shade: No names unfortunately =( but its shade # 316. A deep strawberry kinda shade.
Availability: Easily available as its a local brand.
Finish: Creme-y. As you can see in the picture it does have a slight glossy finish. I am not wearing any gloss or balm. Its just the lipstick alone and i LOVE the fact that it does not contain even the tiniest hint of shimmer or glitter.
Staying Power: Not very impressive. Stayed for just about 3 hrs approx on me.
Formula: Moisturizing :)

Overall, I am happy that now I could even wear a red shade on lipstick without looking a crap =P

Planning to wear it a lot in the winter season. I think its a pretty fall-ish color.

Do you agree??
Let me know please =)

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

NOTD! Rimmel Chic Cherry

Purple is one of my favorite colors and i love painting my nails purple. Once at Sara Hassan's blog i loved her notd featuring Chic Cherry by Rimmel. I loved that shade at the first sight and wanted to grab one of my own. I was at ease that Rimmel is easily available in our country so i could buy one without any hassle but to my disappointment the Chic Cherry shade didn't yet arrive in Pakistan although there were other shades from the Lycra pro range. 
But i was lucky enough that Rimmel sent me some samples to test and there in the package was this baby lying!!!!! what a pleasure for me =)) 
So I thought of sharing a Notd of my current favorite nail polish on my blog. Hope you will like the gorgeous purple.

Brand: Rimmel London ( Lycra Pro )
Shade: Chic Cherry (a stunning dark purple with pink specks of shimmer)
Price: Rs 500-600 in Pakistan
Availability: Easily available in superstores which sell Rimmel stuff.
Finish: Shimmery.
Staying Power: Rimmel's claim up to 10 days. As i showed the pic it started chipping off from the corners the 4th day. I haven't actually worn it for that long so couldn't tell exactly. 
Formula: Very manageable. Is highly pigmented and the maxi brush gives full application in just single stroke which is smooth, even and streak free.

I love this shade and is looking forward to wear it more in winter season.

Lipstick! Spirit by MAC.

That's the very first Mac lipstick i have ever tried and i really like it. The reason behind my likeness is that its the only nude shade which has ever suited me. I like how it gives a delicate touch  to over all look without washing me out. The rest nude lipsticks i have ever tried made me look really bad and dull. But Spirit in my favorite nude lipstick =)
Lets have a look at the swatches: 

Brand: MAC
Shade: Spirit (nude brown with a hint of pink)
Availability: Mac cosmetics is available at many superstores across Pakistan.
Finish: Satin(as per written on the lipstick tube) Its a semi matte lippy which a subtle sheen.
Staying Power: a pretty decent one. Lasts a good 3-4 hours on me. Maybe it could last a little longer on someone else cuz i have a very bad habit of eating up my lipstick =P
Formula: very smooth and moisturizing, you do not need a lip balm underneath.

Overall its a good lipstick to own if your nude lips fan because it wont wash out your complexion at all. I have been wearing it a lot lately and like it!

Hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 11 November 2011

NOTD! Medora Nail polish # 24.

Before, i had a very silly misconception that red color nails were only meant for our Paki brides...LOL! =P
I had always been skeptical of how red nail polish would look on me and one day i gathered up the courage to get one for my own and actually apply it. And i was happy how it looked and proud that i did not choose wrong color. Although bright/ orangey reds are always a NO-NO for me. This is a deep red which i LOVE immensely. I have  used 2 bottles of this nail color!!! See how much i love it and wear it...i don't care whether it'll go with my outfit or no =D.
Lets have a look: 
(although in pics it is showing up as a bright red but trust me it is 1 or 2 shades darker in real life)

Brand: Medora (one of the oldest and famous brand of Pakistan)
Shade: # 24 ( wish they had specific names for their products =(, well it is a deep scarlet red and is extremely gorgeous)
Price: i believe it is around Rs 50 or 60,although i got mine last year for rs. 40
Availability: easily available across the country
Finish: Creme-y and highly pigmented
Staying Power: stays for a good amount of time - 3 4 days without any wear off.
Formula: Pretty manageable.

Overall its a good nail polish for the price. Good color, good quality and good staying power. What else do you want?

Hope you enjoyed!


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

NOTD! Sweet Touch Turquoise Deep.

Hey! I have been into nail colors a lot ever since i ended up my school cuz in school i wasnt allowed painting my nails and so i wasnt pretty much interested in nail paints, as soon as i got over with schooling i started collecting nail paints but wearing bright and funky colors were always out of my comfort zone. i always ended up buying pinks and beiges and blacks ( i used to have alot of blacks although they all were similar =P) lol.

well, the color im gonna post today was the first ever funky color i ever bought or applied and i fell in love with it IMMEDIATELY!!! and now i own loads of bright and springy colors =) 

Here are the pics: 

Brand: Sweet Touch
Shade: Turquoise Deep (# 1044)
Price: varies from Rs 80-100 ( i got mine for Rs 80 from Chase Up)
Availability: Easily available in all stores of Pakistan.
Finish: Glossy (slightly on the metallic side)
Staying power: can last up to 3-4 days without any top coat on. No chipping.
Formula: Pretty impressive from a local brand. very manageable, neither too thick nor thin. gave a streak free even application.

I love this turquoise shade!!

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 7 November 2011

NOTD! Christine Nail polish No.173

Here's my NOTD.

Brand: Christine
Shade: # 173 (a mustard-y golden shade with shimmer)
Price: Rs 60/=
Availabity: Easily available across stores in Pakistan.
Finish: Metallic.
Staying Power: 3 days maximum without chipping.
Formula: Manageable but the brush isn't top class quality. Gave slightly streaky and uneven application.

Overall I think its a good shade that goes with many outfits. And is very affordable.

Hope you enjoyed.

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REVIEW -- CP Trendies lipstick in Blushing Bride # 08.

Cp Trendies is an UAE brand which offers good quality stuff at affordable prices, i have been gifted this lipstick by my friend. I thought of sharing it on my blog as I really liked the shade. First let me show you the images:

Brand: CP Trendies
Shade: Blushing Bride # 08 (reddish peachy shade)
Price: received it as a gift so I'm not sure bout the exact price.
Finish: slightly pearly.
Staying power: not very long lasting but has a decent staying power of 2-3 hours.
Formula: Its neither drying nor moisturizing, its better to apply lip balm or Vaseline underneath.

Overall, i really like the shade and i think its a pretty everyday color. Will be wearing it a lot in the fall season.

Hope you liked it!