Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lipstick by Clarity Cosmetics # 316.

Hey <3
The lipstick I am reviewing today is one of those colors which I have never tried before. Its a bold color and  I have stuck religiously to Pinks and Corals ever since I started wearing make up. Reds and Browns never suited me until I tried this:

AND finally this is how it looks on me!! =]

This is actually a lipstick given to my mum but she doesn't wear such bright colors so I thought of trying that out. And I really liked how it looked on me.

About the product:
Brand: Clarity Cosmetics
Shade: No names unfortunately =( but its shade # 316. A deep strawberry kinda shade.
Availability: Easily available as its a local brand.
Finish: Creme-y. As you can see in the picture it does have a slight glossy finish. I am not wearing any gloss or balm. Its just the lipstick alone and i LOVE the fact that it does not contain even the tiniest hint of shimmer or glitter.
Staying Power: Not very impressive. Stayed for just about 3 hrs approx on me.
Formula: Moisturizing :)

Overall, I am happy that now I could even wear a red shade on lipstick without looking a crap =P

Planning to wear it a lot in the winter season. I think its a pretty fall-ish color.

Do you agree??
Let me know please =)


  1. I have always been wondering howcome your posts dont appear in my reading list.just realised to know I havent been following you .Just corected the mistake:)Love Clarity Lipsticks

  2. It sure looks gorgeous on you! <3 Great review :)

  3. Thank you both of you. It means a lot. =)