Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lipstick! Spirit by MAC.

That's the very first Mac lipstick i have ever tried and i really like it. The reason behind my likeness is that its the only nude shade which has ever suited me. I like how it gives a delicate touch  to over all look without washing me out. The rest nude lipsticks i have ever tried made me look really bad and dull. But Spirit in my favorite nude lipstick =)
Lets have a look at the swatches: 

Brand: MAC
Shade: Spirit (nude brown with a hint of pink)
Availability: Mac cosmetics is available at many superstores across Pakistan.
Finish: Satin(as per written on the lipstick tube) Its a semi matte lippy which a subtle sheen.
Staying Power: a pretty decent one. Lasts a good 3-4 hours on me. Maybe it could last a little longer on someone else cuz i have a very bad habit of eating up my lipstick =P
Formula: very smooth and moisturizing, you do not need a lip balm underneath.

Overall its a good lipstick to own if your nude lips fan because it wont wash out your complexion at all. I have been wearing it a lot lately and like it!

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. wow the shade is super pretty! i'm a nude lippie freak myself, and lovin' this one! thanx for sharing:)x

  2. Gal!! its beautifully amazing.Does suit you a lot.though the lipstick seems quite different than what it seems on ur lips and swatch.IF these are the real shade I can tell u a dupe of it

  3. I agree!! it looks entirely different if you swatch it but on lips it looks better to me. sure would love to know what you have in your treasure =)

  4. http://wemakeupblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/revlon-plus-matte-long-lasting-lipstick.html
    Check this out.Though Colour on lips matches but surprisingly the swatch and lipstick do not .And its a matte one

  5. ohhh!! no doubt its a dupe!!! thanks for sharing