Tuesday, 15 November 2011

NOTD! Rimmel Chic Cherry

Purple is one of my favorite colors and i love painting my nails purple. Once at Sara Hassan's blog i loved her notd featuring Chic Cherry by Rimmel. I loved that shade at the first sight and wanted to grab one of my own. I was at ease that Rimmel is easily available in our country so i could buy one without any hassle but to my disappointment the Chic Cherry shade didn't yet arrive in Pakistan although there were other shades from the Lycra pro range. 
But i was lucky enough that Rimmel sent me some samples to test and there in the package was this baby lying!!!!! what a pleasure for me =)) 
So I thought of sharing a Notd of my current favorite nail polish on my blog. Hope you will like the gorgeous purple.

Brand: Rimmel London ( Lycra Pro )
Shade: Chic Cherry (a stunning dark purple with pink specks of shimmer)
Price: Rs 500-600 in Pakistan
Availability: Easily available in superstores which sell Rimmel stuff.
Finish: Shimmery.
Staying Power: Rimmel's claim up to 10 days. As i showed the pic it started chipping off from the corners the 4th day. I haven't actually worn it for that long so couldn't tell exactly. 
Formula: Very manageable. Is highly pigmented and the maxi brush gives full application in just single stroke which is smooth, even and streak free.

I love this shade and is looking forward to wear it more in winter season.

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