Sunday, 26 August 2012

NOTD! Rivaj Uk nail polish.

What do I have on my  nails today?? Its Rivaj UK nail polish. I haven't tried anything before from this brand except this.

I have always wanted a royal blue shade and as soon as I saw it I had to get it!! Sadly they do not have specific names for each shade..they have numbers. I have number 20. Its metallic finish. the formula was OK..not so great. Lasting power was 3 days max with a good top cot maybe you can extend its life. 
i got mine from Chase for rs, 70. cheap...right? =P

Rivaj UK has a good range of colors. They have extremely pretty shades but the quality isnt soo impressive.

P.S. Sorry I was in a hurry to get the pics clicked... didn't clean up the mess up *embarrassed* =(


  1. love the blue! exactly like the dress that kate middleton was wearing on her engagement!

  2. This is a beautiful blue, so much like Color Studio's Electrique. x

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  4. Huma ur blog is really nice and u too so <3

  5. This is something I would love to grab next time I shop. Ur follower already.

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  6. A very great colour! =)

  7. Where have u been???????/