Saturday, 25 August 2012

Recent Product Empties!

Hey! A few days later i saw a post at Nayabloves' blog. It was all about recent products she has used and how were they! I thought of posting one at my blog too as I have had a few products I finished and I never got a chance to review them. So this is a good opportunity. And yes all the products in this post are my Faves! I had been loving them a lot and definitely a repurchase. (thanks Nayab for the idea! =P)

1) Nivea Visage Sparkling White Foam
2) Adidas Pure Lightness Deo
3) Sweet Touch top Coat
4) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
5) Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green tea Body wash

1) Nivea Visage Sparkling White Foam

I love Nivea. They have a good range of skin care products which are worth trying. This one is a fave of mine. Trust me this is the fourth tube I have finished. I purchase this again and again. Its a great face wash which never dries my skin (even in winters). Leaves skin soft and supple with an instant glow! You will feel deep cleansing after use and removes dirt and oil effectively. I'm definitely going to buy it the fifth time!

2)Adidas Pure Lightness Body Spray

Adidas Pure Lightness Body Spray is the smell I had wearing daily lately. Its soft and cucumber-ish. Very refreshing. I had used it up all and has bought another too! =) I have both the deodorant and cologne.

3) Sweet Touch Top Coat.

Sweet Touch is one of my most liked brand for nail polishes. Most of my Notds feature St polishes as they are super duper cheap and has good quality, has great lasting power and comes in a great range of colors!
St top coat is an awesome product for me because it dries instantly! Say within 3 secs! I have other top coats too but this one is the best. It helps me prevent yellow nails because although its a top coat I like using it as a base coat. It extends the life of my nail paint if worn on top! Love it! Has ended 2 bottles! Got it for Rs 80 from Chase.

4) Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder

My HG product! I cant imagine my day without this AH-MAZING face powder. I have used L'Oreal, Mac and Maybelline powders before but IDK why I always go back to this one. Gives the perfect matte finish, controls shine and never looks cakey. And most importantly its affordable also. I use the shade Transparent. And definitely will be buying this all my life ;-)

5) Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash

I got this only for the smell alone! =P It smells great. I had been using it everyday like crazy. it lathers well and the smell instantly revitalizes your senses and you feel refreshed! I will definitely get another bottle in next summers. And the great thing about this is it doesn't leave a greasy feeling behind as compared to the Cream Oil line. Those body washes are good but your body feels very oil after you use it!

Alright, so that's all for now...there are a few more items which are about to end so hopefully ill post the version 2 as well =) it was a first try! 
Hope you enjoyed reading. 
Have you used any of these items? 


  1. omg thank you soo soo much for mentioning me :) and you have really used that stay matte powder up! lol i have a bad habit of buying new makeup as soon as i see that i've hit pan, i should definitely take inspiration from you and finish the entire thing up! my mom always tells me im being wasteful haha

    1. Lol...well thats just cause I love this face powder...otherwise I would have discarded it as soon as I hit pan. =P

  2. except for the deo all these products are my favourite too.

    cute blog.