Friday, 11 November 2011

NOTD! Medora Nail polish # 24.

Before, i had a very silly misconception that red color nails were only meant for our Paki brides...LOL! =P
I had always been skeptical of how red nail polish would look on me and one day i gathered up the courage to get one for my own and actually apply it. And i was happy how it looked and proud that i did not choose wrong color. Although bright/ orangey reds are always a NO-NO for me. This is a deep red which i LOVE immensely. I have  used 2 bottles of this nail color!!! See how much i love it and wear it...i don't care whether it'll go with my outfit or no =D.
Lets have a look: 
(although in pics it is showing up as a bright red but trust me it is 1 or 2 shades darker in real life)

Brand: Medora (one of the oldest and famous brand of Pakistan)
Shade: # 24 ( wish they had specific names for their products =(, well it is a deep scarlet red and is extremely gorgeous)
Price: i believe it is around Rs 50 or 60,although i got mine last year for rs. 40
Availability: easily available across the country
Finish: Creme-y and highly pigmented
Staying Power: stays for a good amount of time - 3 4 days without any wear off.
Formula: Pretty manageable.

Overall its a good nail polish for the price. Good color, good quality and good staying power. What else do you want?

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. its a gorgeous red color , thanks for sharing ..

  2. can u plz tel me the num of orange red nail polish?