Wednesday, 7 December 2011

NOTD! Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

Here's a quick post of my NOTD!

This is a very old polish that I own, and probably it was one of my very first SH polish. I think its a really very pretty shade and very girly. I bought it around 3 years back when I was totally out of the bold colors on nails so this one really caught my eyes and I grabbed it at the first sight. Surprisingly I purchased it for only Rs. 45 from a shop in Gulf!!! Unbelievable right??? It was thrown in an old basket which had all local nail paints in sale!! First I was skeptical whether its original or no but then who cares?? LOL. I had to get it no matter what because I really love this pink shade. Luckily it is original because I could judge it from the quality and the lasting power as I own other SH nail paints which are 100% original stuff =]

Brand: Sally Hansen--Hard as Nails line.
Shade: Prima Donna Frost
Price: I got it for Rs 45 which is insane I know!!!
Availability: I believe this line has been discontinued but if you are lucky you may get a glimpse of it online.
Finish: Its like a pastel creme pink with a subtle hint of silver sheen which is GORGEOUS!
Staying Power: Very decent. 5-6 days.
Formula: I like SH formulae. They are never too thick and never too thin. Even after 3 years you could feel the formula is perfectly OK and gives you a non streaky application =)

Overall, I think every girl who is girly would love it like me. Its a pretty shade to rock the spring season. 

Hope you liked it! <3

More NOTDs coming soon.


  1. lovely shade...let me say you have pretty nails :)