Friday, 23 March 2012

REVIEW -- Christine Eye Pencils

" Eye liner" is the first cosmetic item that I used ever since I started wearing make up. It is the product that I use every single day and thus I have used a lot of different eye liners from various brands-both Pakistani and Foreign brands.
In the beginning I was only confident enough to rock out black kohl pencils but gradually I invested my money into colored pencils as well.
Today I am going to talk about Christine eye pencils.

These are wooden pencils and I own four shades. These are available in 32 shades in the market with matte and shimmer finishes.

And here are the swatches:

1. Green(i exactly don't remember what this particular shade is called as the name has been faded)
2. Copper 
3. Deep Purple
4. Electric Blue

When I first tried them I was really impressed by the smooth texture and pigmentation. (that's only one single swipe in the pic above). Considering their cheap price they are extremely good quality. The color pay off is very great and they glide on effortlessly.

They does not even smudge or melt away. But if you have oily eye lids they may tend to smudge a bit. However after about 4-5 hours the color fades lightly but that's OK with me.

I love these pencils for their brilliant color, quality and price! These are available everywhere with price ranging from Rs. 50-60!!  See? That's inexpensive.
These are great to have if you like funky color eye liners and they wont even break down your bank account! =)
My favorite ones are green, electric blue and deep purple!!! I don't like the copper one as it doesn't actually show up much on my eyes.

Hope you like it!
Tc <3


  1. omg for only 50 Ill definitely be trying out some! thanks for letting us know about these :)

  2. wow great review <3

  3. thnk you for commenting!
    well yes nayab you get a huge color and finish variety at cheap price!=)